A Fatal Accident During Jeep Demonstration in Edmonton, Canada

Occurrence of a fatal accident during Jeep demonstration in Edmonton, Canada

Mishaps can happen anywhere and at anytime. In many cases it has been also seen that accidents have taken place even if the person has adopted various kinds of safety measures. Most of the accidents that happen these days are on the roads. But if accidents happen during the sports shows or during the rallies it is a very rare thing. Very few incidents happen around the world where audiences have been killed at the time of witnessing a great motor show.

A similar mishap took place in Edmonton which is situated in Canada on Saturday.

The Jeep demonstration event was held to raise funds. The enthusiasts gave the event the name of “Jeeps Go Topless” to add spice.

But the whole glamour of the program was marred when the driver of the Wrangler drove his vehicle on the top of the tire of the jeep in front.

As per the reports the person who owned the Jeep switched his vehicle off and was posing for photographs. After done with the picture session he came down and his movement caused the vehicle to turn over.

The woman who was on top of the vehicle beside it was crushed to death as a consequence.

The police of Edmonton are seeing through the matter and they are trying to find out the exact reasons that were behind this parking place accident.

The whole report has been covered by CTV news. The accident took away the life of a woman who has just crossed her 20th year. The whole incident took place when a Jeep rolled over during a demonstration.

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