Chrysler Retires an Old V6 Engine & the New Is Pentastar

The Chrysler Group has recently announced the introduction of the new Pentastar in the Chinese market. The car replaces the brand’s last V6 which at the Chengdu Auto Show in China. This new Pentastar was chosen from more than eight hundred suggestions that a team from a design firm of Lippincott & Margulies Inc came up with the company. The team wanted to design something that people could look and say this wasn’t done freehand.2011-jeep-grand-cherokee-36-liter-v-6-pentastar-engine

What Is New?

Chrysler’s new V6 engine is being shown to the world at the New York Auto show which is now wrapped in design and style. It is based on some compact sixty degree architecture. It is 3.6 liters and comes equipped with 230 horsepower. Some machine huh!! It will be given a tough competition to its peers. The Penstar program is said to be a milestone in the Chrysler Group. It not only proves positive to the technical proficiency, but it is an evidence of deep rooted commitment to the excellence in power train creation.

What’s more?

The Penstar engines were initially developed by the Chrysler engineers that are now replacing the V6 power plants used by Jeep, RAM, Dodge and Chrysler. It is now solely Chrysler’s V6. The Penstar enable the majority of the V6 engine components to be cut down from 189 to 32. Completely dressed, the 3.6 liter V6 Penstar is now 95 pounds lighter than before.

To further enhance your driving experience, it is particularly designed featuring forged steel connecting rods, piston squitter jets, and valve train components that need no scheduled maintenance. This new family of engines is honed with an architecture that is conceived out of future technology, integration and growth in mind. This new engine will certainly be a super fuel saver to the car owner.

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