FOX Athletes Win Big in Mexico’s Baja 500

Another big win was accomplished by Luke McMillin and Justin Smith, his racing partner.  They had won over a group of good performing SCORE Unlimited Class 1 race drivers, beating them by more than an hour in distance. The team had ranked and overall of 5th place with their time of 9 hours, 53 minutes and 22 seconds. The two drivers had decided to create a joint force last year and during their Debut in the SCORE San Felipe 250 Class 1 race, beat out all the other competitors.

With this victory, McMillin now adds his name to the list of celebrated winners of the SCORE Baja 500, which include the names of his grandfather, father, cousins and uncles. According to McMillin, all the tuning and testing of their truck along with the FOX suspension weeks even before the race had all been worth it. This winning would not have been possible if not for the unfaltering dedication and hard work by the FOX technicians.

FOX racers have been victorious ever since they joined the SCORE Baja 1000 in 2009. This ride dynamics company, after this winning, plans to extend their winning streak in November at the 45th SCORE Baja 500 in Mexico.

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