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Wrangler Freedom: Just In Time For America’s Independence Day

Tuesday, August 14th, 2012

Silver stitches are also found in the steering wheel’s leather, seats, door fabric, door pulls, rings for the dash vent, and the grab handles.

Outside the Wrangler Freedom jeep is a seventeen-inch alloy in Mineral Gray. It also comes with bumper and grille inserts for the bumper with matching gray color.

What is really great about this kind of jeep is that certain parts of the proceeds will be given to charities. This is in consonance to the celebration of the United States Independence Day. The veterans will be the ones who will serve as the beneficiaries of these proceeds from the sales done by the Wrangler’s Freedom Jeeps.

According to Mike Manley, the CEO and President of The jeep’s brand declared that the company is happy and very much willing to give $250 for every unit sold. All of the proceeds will go straight to charitable organizations and will benefit both the returning and current members of the military in the United States.

While you are reading this, the Wrangler Freedom is currently rolling into the shops of the dealers around the country today.