The Origin Of The Jeep Vehicles

The Jeep vehicles are full sized SUVs that were introduced in the mid seventies. Jeep vehicles were then made synonymous to such a particular make of vehicle. The first of the Jeep make of the vehicle was introduced by American Motors Corporation.  The original design of the Jeep vehicle was done by 1963. The Cherokee Jeep make was redesigned as a two door vehicle type. The vehicle has a rear side that is fixed.  There is an optional flip out segment at the rear end in some Jeep vehicles. The Jeep Wagoneer line that was introduced in the sixties was a two door version. Later on the Wagoneer version was made into a four door vehicle. The Jeep Cherokee The Jeep Cherokee is a sporty version of the two door variant. Thus, it gained much popularity among the young crowd. It was a two door variant of the Jeep station wagon model. The term “sports utility” was first coined along with the introduction of the Jeep Cherokee in the market. The base model came along with other models like the trim levels of the Cherokee that included a Sports model as well as Classic, Limited, Sport, Laredo, Pioneer, Golden Hawk, Golden Eagle and other models. Power And Performance The engine choices of the Jeep vehicles consisted of the AMC 16 or the V8 powerplant engines. The particular Jeep model that came fitted with the AMC V8 engine was equipped to outrun any other 4×4 models in its class and had highway gearing along with the ability to reach speeds that allowed the vehicle to run at an excess of 100 miles per hour. Jeep enthusiasts swear by their vehicles and for the vehicle being the sole choice for tricky and off road terrains. Jeep nowadays stands for a rugged vehicle of a sturdiness that is now being identified with all off-road vehicles.