Weber Sports Gives Nissan 2011 New Cool Look

Nissan 2011 was recently modified by Weber Sports body kit giving it a cooler look. The modification results were similarly to the Porsche Panamera Mansory with a little twist at the shorter bumper. The new Nissan 2011 look is stunning and elegant with enough class of its own.
The finished Nissan 350Z will be showcased at this year’s Tokyo Auto Show and will be publicly shown off the results of hte modification process. All components are filled with carbon-fiber with fully equipped body, exhaust pipes with water ducts, side sills, rear wings and bumper.
Weber Sports has done good job as the whole kit turned this underrated car from Japan new amazing look. Weber consolidated its efforts on the overall look of this Nissan 350Z although some of those who have taken glimpse of the modified car thought that some should have been abandoned and Weber should have been more in focus to the front bumper than in any other parts. But after all the works that have been done by Weber, the Nissan 350Z is an eye-catching piece of metal orange sprightly ride.