Read This To Know Whether NHTSA is out of Control or Not

The announcements are being made almost every day. This might become more frequent than this. The car market is expecting numbers like million Toyotas, more than million Jeeps and some fraction million of Hondas. In the previous year a downward trend in the automobile market was experienced. But this year it is too early to state such a negative automotive recall. The experts say that there will be some kind of winds down this year. The primary indications that have been seen this year reveals that there will be a good amount of increase in the selling of the cars. It will really reach a new height if not break the record of all times.

Some statements given by the automakers

It has been very significant from the statements of the automakers that same number of vehicles has been sold last year. This number is close to 14.5 million.
The two popular brands Honda and Toyota have sold a good number of cars last year to top the list of the car sellers. These two companies are known for their reliability and quality.
The list has been prepared keeping the number of cars that these two companies have recalled during the last five years.
They are planning to reach the similar target again this year. The Honda authorities have planned to recall about 2 million vehicles in the current year.
The problems have been detected in the switch fires, airbags or brakes.
Even Chrysler arranged safety camps last month to ensure that their vehicles in the market are safe and running fine.
It has been seen that over 8 million cars have been covered by five different recalls.
The people have also asked some serious questions regarding the usefulness of such recalls.