Wrangler Freedom: Just In Time For America’s Independence Day

Of the many iconic jeeps scattered all over the world, Wrangler proves to be one of the most outstanding. During the early years, the military have used these jeeps as a means to transport the military troupes in different places. These wrangler jeeps proved themselves to be the best for the military particularly in terrains that come with even the most difficult conditions.

After seventy years if continuous service to the people these utilitarian vehicles have come more civilized in terms of their looks but still pose with their American touch.

Now, to show Wrangler’s patriotism, it has recently introduced its newest and freshest arrivals in its line of jeep products. It is known as the Wrangler Freedom which had its introduction to the public coinciding with the US Independence Day in the 4th of July.

If you are going to spot the identity of Freedom, you can easily determine that it only comes in three colors. Freedom can only be availed in colors like Bright White, True Blue which is only exclusive colors for Freedom cars, and Deep Cherry Red.
Each of the Freedom models comes with a star in military style which can be found in the car’s rear quarter panels and hood. They are also enhanced with Oscar Mike’s fender badges, OM’s silver-stitched on the car’s tectonic and black fabric seats.