Watercar Panther: Amphibious Vehicle, Jeep or Boat?

In this fast-growing generation, recreational of amphibious vehicles are nothing new. Most of them are tend to be the boats or cars which can creep on the land or slowly spill through water. WaterCar’s new Panther is the one which may be on both sides of the division. Fill your fast driving speed on land as well as lake with new & fastest amphibious ride going car named WaterCar Panther. It is a kind of completely newish entry to the entire segment that presently came to our attention through deliberately crazy promo video.

It’s Design and Interiors

Watercar has designed lightweight chassis made of chromoly steel which intelligently solve weight problem of Panther.

Its chassis was specifically designed to slip in fibreglass hull that provides complete protection to modern epoxies which decrease noise during hard handling.

The hull and chassis comes with advanced composites that provide total toughness as well as strength.

It provides complete capability of more than 80 mph on the street and energetic 44 miles per hour over the water (38 knots).

This transition from car to boat mode will hardly take about 15 seconds.

The V-6, all-aluminium power plant is fully equipped with single overhead camshaft cylinder heads and 24 valves. These intake as well as exhaust valves are easily controlled by Acura’s Variable valve Timing and lift Electronic Control (VTEC) system.

How does it look alike?

This Watercar Panther similarly looks like nifty piece of water sports kit. It is completely equipped with long travel off-road suspension which easily enables you to access less user-friendly lakes. You just need to simply take a jeep CJ-8, keep 3.7-liter V6 engine sourced from Honda for 305 hp and add retracting wheels, fibreglass hull & a jet boat drive to get perfect new Panther from WaterCar. This suspension simply allows you to drive in & out of water even without requiring slipway. Its powerful & significant engine provides total power to the wheels and also offers Panther Jet for in-water propulsion.

Simply purchase WaterCar Panther in order to complete all your needs for driving anywhere.

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